The Adventures of Snow-MAN

The Adventures of Snow-MAN

This is a special video to me because it almost never got released. It ended up being so difficult to make the effects look good that I stopped working on it for nearly 2 years. Finally, I realized it was at a point where I would still be proud to share it with people. Whenever someone watched it, they would smile the whole time, and that’s the whole reason I even wanted to make videos in the first place.

The idea for this video was conceived when my friends and I got the day off of school because it was snowing. We wanted to do a project, and I thought to try to tackle a superhero video, as we’d never made one before. The first thing that came to mind when I looked around was the snow. Then I put the common superhero suffix “man” after the word “snow”, and this entire idea came to life.

After reviving the project over a year later and finishing it up, here (making its public debut) is the “snow-man” video we made that day.


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